Denkigai-fair 2020 winter Item set
Denkigai-fair 2020 winter Item set
(2,546 YEN / S-court points)
This product comes with 250,000,000CR.
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■Yotogi Class

・Hard Erotic Play Maid

○Yotogi Content

・Rough Missionary Position
・Rough Anal Missionary Position
・Vulgar Rear-Entry Standing Sex
・Vulgar Rear-Entry Standing Anal

※1.Yotogi class『Hard Erotic Play Maid』includes only『Muku』,『Majime』, and『Rindere』.

The following will be added to the edit menu.

*Cute Frill Bikini Set
*Cross One-Piece Swimsuit Set
*Halter & Low-Rise Bikini Set
*Flared Bikini With Haori Set


*Lean Muscle Skin
*Boyish Skin
*Heavily Painted Skin - Light Dark
*Heavily Painted Skin - Light White
*Heavily Painted Skin - Customize
*Heavily Painted Skin - Normal

*Butterfly Tattoo
*Sun Tattoo
*Floral Hip Tattoo
*Curly Hip Tattoo
*Evil Tattoo
*Devil Heart Tattoo
*Missing Barcode

■Beauty mark
*Trendy Beard

*Simple Spot R - Asymmetry
*Hand-Drawn Arrangement R - A
*Cat Power R - Asymmetry
*Evil Snake R - Asymmetry
*Yin Yang Ability R - Asymmetry
*Simple Spot - Asymmetry
*Hand-Drawn Arrangement - A
*Cat Power - Asymmetry
*Evil Snake - Asymmetry
*Yin Yang Ability - Asymmetry

■Eyes highlight
*Simple Arrangement Plus
*Center Spot
*Center Half
*Power Plus

*Shiny Nipples - Small
*Shiny Nipples - Big
*Shiny Wet Nipples - Small
*Shiny Wet Nipples - Big

■Under Hair
*Rough Pubic Hair
*Soft Pubic Hair

*Cute Peace Sign
*Sumo Squat
*Rap Battle

■Studio mode background
*Cottage on the Water

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Released date(JPT)01-21-2021
Earned CR250,000,000CR
Needed capacity303,172,156 bytes
*More empty space will be needed to apply the product, due to decompressing files, etc.