Custom Order Maid 3D2 AV Pack
Custom Order Maid 3D2 AV Pack
(1,240 YEN / S-court points)
This product comes with 120,000,000CR.
Related tagsCostume Set, Event, SALE

The following will be added to the edit menu.

*Sexy Dance Dress Set
*Asymmetrical Flower Lingerie Set

*Soft and Fluffy Bangs

-Back Hair
*Soft and Fluffy Tied Waves

Yotogi skill will be added.
※This DLC can only be played at heroine types of “Muku”, “Majime”, and “Rindere”.

*Porno lying down blowjob
*Porno reverse cowgirl
*Porno piledriver
*Porno facesitting
*Porno doggy style
*Porno male restraint cowgirl
*Porno blowjob
*Porno standing caress
*Porno wall spooning sex

The following sex events will be added, and those will be added to “Schedule”.
-Heroine type:Muku,Majime,Rindere

*Hitomi's visit
*At the site of the shoot…
*Secret filming
*Raw dogging it! Maid cums from creampie on camera

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Released date(JPT)06-24-2021
Earned CR120,000,000CR
Needed capacity906,150,740 bytes
*More empty space will be needed to apply the product, due to decompressing files, etc.