Yotogi Class Vol.22 『Advanced Orgy Play Maid』
Yotogi Class Vol.22 『Advanced Orgy Play Maid』
(763 YEN / S-court points)
This product comes with 7,000,000,000CR.
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Yotogi class and skill will be added.
※This DLC can only be played at heroine types of “Muku”, “Majime”, and “Rindere”.

Advanced Orgy Play Maid
・Orgy Foursome Service
・Orgy Threesome Spread Legs Sex
・Orgy Threesome Spread Legs Anal

Released date(JPT)01-06-2022
Earned CR7,000,000,000CR
Needed capacity253,590,496 bytes
*More empty space will be needed to apply the product, due to decompressing files, etc.